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Dr Scurr®’s Zinopin® Daily

“I sit at my desk all day and I used to get swollen ankles. Once I discovered Zinopin Daily the ankle swelling stopped.”

“Zinopin cured my aching, painful legs and stopped my night cramps.”

“To say that the tablet (Zinopin Daily) changed my life would be an understatemen!”

Zinopin® Daily is a natural maintenance dosage of a dietary supplement formulated in Switzerland designed specifically for a healthy circulation to be taken on a daily basis as part of a well balanced diet.

Healthy Legs

Zinopin® Daily works from the inside out to help reduce swelling of the lower limbs, against restless legs and heaviness of the legs.

Circulation and Heart

Zinopin® Daily helps maintain healthy circulation and cardiovascular functions.

Sport Nutrition

Zinopin® Daily is a valid support to physical activity; it enhances blood microcirculation and improves blood flow to the muscles.

Antioxidant Defence

Zinopin® Daily is a blend of potent antioxidant compounds. Used every day it works in our bodies to strengthen our defences against free radicals.

Each capsule of Zinopin® Daily contains:

  • 200mg, Standardized Maqui Fruit Extract - Patagonol® (Aristotelia Chilensis) standardized in anthocyacianidins.
  • 40mg, Ginger Root Extract (Zingiber Officinalis) standardized in Gingerols and Shogaols.
  • 25mg, French Maritime Pine Bark Extract - Pycnogenol® (Pinus Pinaster) standardized in Procyanidins.

Pine Bark Extract (Pycnogenol®)

The healing powers of pine bark have been used for centuries and today, it is still used for its multiple healthy benefits. Pycnogenol® has been extensively researched for more than 30 years.

Ginger Root Extract

Ginger is an ancient traditional remedy for a variety of conditions and has been well researched and many of its traditional uses confirmed. It is well known for its antioxidant and antiinflammatory properties.


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