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Dr Scurr®’s Zinopin® Long Haul FAQs

Zinopin Long Haul Frequently Asked Questions

What is Zinopin Long Haul?

Formulated in Switzerland for long haul travel and for anyone sitting for an extended period of time (2 hours and more), Zinopin Long Haul is a natural supplement with a unique standardized combination of naturally sourced extracts.

When should Zinopin Long Haul be taken?

Zinopin Long Haul should be taken prior to any long haul travel (2 hours or more of traveling) or in any other situation where people remain immobilized for an extended period of time.

When should Zinopin Long Haul not be taken?

Provided it is used correctly, there are no foreseen contraindications; however please inform your health care professional or pharmacist if:

Can Zinopin Long Haul be taken during pregnancy and breastfeeding?

Important: it is not recommended for use during pregnancy or when breastfeeding.

How to use Zinopin Long Haul?

Adults and children aged 16 and over, for each one-way trip:

Is Zinopin Long Haul safe?

All ingredients in Zinopin Long Haul have proven their safety.

Does Zinopin Long Haul have any side effects?

In rare cases stomach discomfort may be experienced when taken on an empty stomach; it is therefore best to take Zinopin Long Haul with or after meals.

Can Zinopin Long Haul be taken with other blood thinning agents?

Zinopin Long Haul is contraindicated in people taking blood thinning drugs and/or patients on anti-coagulant therapies.

Can Zinopin Long Haul be taken with other medicines?

If you are taking other medicines, ask your doctor/pharmacist before taking Zinopin Long Haul.

What else does one have to consider?

What does Zinopin Long Haul contain?

Each Zinopin Long Haul vegetable capsule contains:

Where can Zinopin Long Haul be obtained?

Zinopin Long Haul is available on-line from many health food shops and independent pharmacies. You may order Zinopin Long Haul directly from our website, alternatively you may contact us to place an order.

How is Zinopin Long Haul packaged?

Depending on the markets, Zinopin Long Haul is available in packages of 1 blister of 10 vegetable capsules or 2 blisters of 5 vegetable capsules.

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