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Dr Scurr®’s Zinopin® Daily FAQs

Zinopin Daily Frequently Asked Questions

What is Zinopin Daily?

Zinopin Daily is a neutra-pharmaceutical consisting of French maritime pine bark extract, Patagonian blueberry and ginger.

How does it work?

French maritime pine bark reduces blood clotting and increases the tone in the vein walls. Patagonian blueberry is a powerful antioxidant. Ginger, an old Chinese remedy which also promotes blood flow.

Can I be allergic to Zinopin Daily?

We have not had a single case of allergy. Testing has revealed no evidence of allergy and the supplements are so common in everyday life it is highly improbable.

Can I take other medications?

There are no interactions with other medications and it is perfectly safe to take with all forms of medication including cardiac medication, antibiotics and anti-cancer treatments.

Are there any other benefits of Zinopin Daily?

Patients have reported lowering of blood pressure, lowering of cholesterol and increased energy levels.

I am a keen sportsman – will it help?

Zinopin Daily is not a performance enhancing drug but by virtue of its venotonic properties it is very similar to wearing a compression stocking. We have demonstrated recently that compressing the veins promotes the flow of blood back to her heart increasing the hearts performance. There are theoretical reasons why Zinopin may help athletes.

I am currently taking Warfarin – can I take Zinopin Daily?

There are no contra-indications to taking Zinopin Daily if you are taking anticoagulants. You can discuss this with your doctor but many patients who are taking Warfarin continue to take Zinopin.

Where can Zinopin Daily be obtained?

Zinopin Daily is available on-line from many health food shops and independent pharmacies. You may order Zinopin Daily directly from our website, alternatively you may contact us to place an order.

I am taking Zinopin Daily and wish to travel what do I do?

Can I take too much Zinopin Daily?

There is no maximum dosage. Studies to date suggest that doubling or trebling the dose may be beneficial in patients with severe ankle swelling. It should not be necessary to exceed that dose.

Can I overdose?

We have not seen a case where anybody has experienced any problems taking excessive amounts of Zinopin.

I currently take Aspirin can I change that to Zinopin Daily?

Many people take Aspirin as an antiplatelet agent. Zinopin Daily is equally effective. There are no large multi-centered trails of Zinopin Daily looking at the effect of preventing transient ischemic episodes. We do not have the scientific evidence to state that you can take Zinopin Daily instead of Aspirin although, theoretical data suggests that Zinopin Daily should be equally effective but with no bleeding complications often attributed to Aspirin.

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