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About JS Medical Supplies

JS Medical Supplies is the distributor of Zinopin Long Haul, a neutra-pharmaceutical, developed and promoted to assist travellers in the prevention of venous thrombo-embolism (DVT pulmonary embolism) and Zinopin Daily, a circulatory support supplement for treating swollen legs, cramps and restlessness.

JS Medical Supplies was founded in 2010 to actively promote neutra-pharmaceuticals. Neutra-pharmaceuticals are typically available from pharmacies, health food shops and more recently increasingly on-line. JS Medical Supplies provides, not only an effective distribution network supplying wholesalers, retailers and members of the public, but also provides a medical backup service. A team of medically qualified healthcare assistants are available to provide support to industry and patients alike. In addition to providing information the team collect information, experiences and continue to build on our database.

JS Medical Supplies is not only active in promoting the sales of neutra-pharmaceuticals, particularly Zinopin Daily and Zinopin Long-Haul, but is also actively involved in establishing on-going clinical trials and the evaluation of new products yet to come to market.

JS Medical is committed to provide a first class service and will listen and respond to any queries you have.